Pet Nuisance

(1) Any act of an animal or its owner that irritates, perturbs or damages rights and privileges common to the public or enjoyment of private property or indirectly injures or threatens the safety of a member of the general public. By way of examples and not of limitation, the commissions on the following acts or actions by an animal or by its owner or possessor shall hereby being declared a nuisance:

(a) Allowing or permitting an animal to habitually bark, whine, howl, mew, crow or cackle in an excessive or continual fashion or make other noise in such a manner so as to result in a serious annoyance or interference with the reasonable use and enjoyment of neighboring premises.

(b) Allowing or permitting an animal to damage the property of any person other than its owner or caretaker, including but not limited to getting into or turning garbage containers or damaging gardens, flowers, plants or other real or personal property or leaving fecal material on the property of another person.

(c) Allowing or permitting an animal to molest, chase, snap at, attack or attempt to attack passers-by, vehicles, domestic pets or livestock.

(d) Allowing or permitting an animal to habitually or continually roam or be found on property of other than its owners or caretakers, trespassing school grounds, parks or the property of any person.

(e) Allowing or permitting an animal to be housed or restrained at a distance, that, in the discretion of the animal control officer, poses a threat to the general safety, health and welfare of the general public.

(f) Allowing or permitting an animal to be maintained in an unsanitary condition.

(g) Allowing or permitting an animal to habitually charge in an aggressive manner a fence separating from another property when the usual residents are taking pleasure in such property without provoking such animal.

(2) Subject to the restrictions set forth in KRS 413.072(7), an agricultural operation, as defined under KRS 413.072(3), shall be exempt from any enforcement under this chapter which arises out of a nuisance violation as defined herein.


Dog Walking

We would like to ask those of you who have dogs to please be respectful of others yards when walking your dog.  Please pick up any waste and prevent your dogs from urinating on planted flowers.  Thank you.

Signs & Fliers

  • No sign should be left in your yard more than one week unless it is a sign to sell your home
  • No signs or fliers are to be posted on the front island, any city property, traffic sign, or light pole (they will be discarded)