Storage of trash cans in front of your residence is not permitted.
Please do not put out your waste until the night before pickup.


Monday- Regular Trash/Yard waste (Once a week only)
Collection (Every two weeks, refer to calendar for dates)

All garbage cans must be placed curbside.
Recycling will be paid by the city.
Items should be taken to the street the night before pickup.

Items to be recycled: newspapers, mail, white paper, paperboard, cardboard (if broken to 2 ft. x 2 ft.), shredded paper in clear bags, all plastic containers (# 1 to #7), aluminum beverage cans, bi-metal food or beverage cans (such as fruit or vegetable cans), glass jars or bottles.

Regular yard waste season is April through December. However, in the winter season (January through March) yard waste is picked up on the2nd Monday of the month.

Holiday Trash Pickup: The normal routine for trash pickup on a holiday is that trash pickup is delayed one day. Holidays are New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Christmas.

RUMPKE OF KY  : (502) 568-3800